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Taste Testing Stations

Taste Testing Stations

Great for a Health Fair setting or a highlight in the cafeteria. Taste Testing manned by a Registered Dietitian provide an informative display with tasting samples. then follow with the list

  • Supermarket Savvy –The program includes information on how to decipher food labels and understand health claims, the best snack products and more.
  • Eat This Not That For Healthy Weight Management –Participants learn about the best and worst menu selections. *Now available as a Breakfast Program as well.
  • Healthy Hydration Bar – Choosing a beverage you enjoy that is hydrating and healthy can be a daunting task when you consider all the available options at grocery stores, restaurants, coffee houses and vending machines. A registered dietitian will help participants make better beverage choices based on lifestyle and taste.
  • Power Snacks and the Perfect Portion – What constitutes a snack? How much is too much? Participants learn the difference between an energy snack and a sweet treat, a perfect portion and how each fits into a balanced healthful diet.
  • Gluten and Grains: What You Need to Know – Participants learn about the many health benefits of high fiber complex carbohydrates along with information on gluten free carbohydrate sources.
  • Quick, Easy, Fresh: Build a Heart Smart Pantry – Participants learn how to build a whole-foods pantry and cook for wellness.
  • BBQ Well – Everything you need to know about barbecuing healthfully! Participants learn how to prepare healthy rubs, marinades, side salads and salsas.
Cooking Demos

Cooking Demos

1-hour live cooking demonstrations with taste testing

  • BBQ Sides, Sauces and Main Courses
  • Build a Whole Foods Pantry and Cook for Wellness
  • Build a Better Breakfast
  • Everyday Eats for Healthful Family Meal Planning
  • Global Cuisines Made Healthy
  • Gluten Free Cooking
  • Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! Seasonal Desserts
  • Mediterranean Destination
  • Quick, Easy, Fresh: Meals in Minutes (for Holidays or every day!)
  • Shake it Up: Blend your Nutrients for Optimal Health
Personal Nutrition Coaching

Personal Nutrition Coaching

Prefer a personalize approach for nutrition support? HFC’s personal nutrition coaching allows you to customize a nutrition plan that meets your unique needs. Access diet plan, email RD, view goals, track eating with the MyRD APP.

Group Weight Management Challenges

Group Weight Management Challenges

Harness the power of many with these fun, engaging and interactive programs that allow employees to work together to achieve their weight management goals.

  • Strive 2B Lean Weight Loss Challenge
  • Strive 2 Optimize the Mediterranean Way
  • Strive for 2B the Best You Can B