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Ergo-Fit Health Fair Station

A mock workstation is set-up offering employees a chance to see and feel an ergonomically correct workstation set-up. Self-help tips and tools to prevent injury and reduce discomfort are provided.

Ergo-Fit Health Fair Station

Employees bring pictures of their work area for critique by the Ergonomic professionals. Participants leave with a roadmap to improve the ergonomics of their space.

Ergo-Roam Quick Workstation Assessment

An Ergonomic Specialist will visit and document current workstation setup and provide immediate adjustments and recommendations for ergonomic aids as needed.

Ergo-Roam Workstation Analysis

An Ergonomic Specialist visits employee’s workstation and provides photo analysis with reconfiguration of workstation set-up. Detailed reporting is provided. Price varies depending on pre-existing musculo-skeletal issues.

Ergo-Fit Train the Trainer Workshop

The goal of this program is to set up a pro-active ergonomic program that can be managed and implemented by an internal employee health and safety team. Incorporates free trial of the Workstation Safety Plus e-Learning Software below.

Ergo-Workstation Safety Plus e-Learning Software

Workstation Safety Plus is a computer-based program designed to help you manage your personal ergonomic risk and exposure effectively and with ease. By utilizing a number of unique features, Workstation Safety Plus helps companies comply with the OSHA regulations, reduce injuries and injury related costs and improve overall health and wellness of employees.