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Exercise classes are available in Manhattan and are taught onsite. Class size is dependent on space availability.

  • Our Athletic coaching series offers a great team building opportunity as employees work together to set and achieve their personal fitness goals. Programs are geared to take participants to the next level in athletic ability. Not listed above is our Fit-To-Compete As a Tri-athlete. If you have a group of employees on this level call for a quote. Program meets for each of the disciplines weekly for 16-weeks. 

Well-Fit Exercise Class

Improve Posture • Reduce Low Back Pain • Burn Calories

Total Body Workout with a mix of resistance and cardio class aimed at undoing the damage from sitting all day. Ideal for office employees that sit for long hours who are mostly focused on general fitness.

HIIT Class (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is great for more athletic employees who want to push their bodies to the limit. This is a hard workout ideal for those who were athletes and miss the adrenaline rush of a good workout.

Tai Chi

Reduce Stress • Lower Blood Pressure • Enhance Mood

Tai chi is described as moving meditation. Ideal for highly stressed individuals, employees with sleep issues, and for those who desire a very low-impact meditative activity


Reduce Stress • Enhance Flexibility • Improve Strength

Onsite yoga classes can be taught from a chair or floor

Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k – takes those who have never exercised before or have been away from it for a long period of time and readies them to compete in a 5k race. Workout twice a week with 2 coaches. Includes a 1-hour workshop to get you ready for race day.


For those who can run 3 to 5 miles. Coaches’ work on building endurance and speed and set goals toward personal bests. Group meets twice a week for 1-hour workouts. Includes a 1-hour workshop to get ready for race day.