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Women’s Health

Nutrition & Women’s Health

Menopause 101

Women’s Health 101

Women’s Health: Get Well-Rounded

Women’s Health: From Life Balance to Hormone Balance



Holiday Survival Guide

Goal Setting and Making Resolutions Stick

New Years’ Resolutions

Seasonal Affective Disorder


Sleep Issues

Sleep 101

Rev Up Your Rem: Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Dealing with Serious Sleep Issues


Other Misc.

Alternative Medicine, Fact or Fiction?

Fab Abs!

7 Habits for Truly Effective Weight Management

Handling Death in the Workplace

Understanding Your Immune System

Immunity Booster: Beat the Flu with Power Foods

Integrative Health: Identify What Works for You!

Interpreting your Biometric Numbers

Maximizing Your Brain’s Potential

Men’s Health 101


Stress Resilience

De-Stress At Your Desk

Manage Your Stress for Optimal Health

Mindful Meditation

Staying Strong and Resilient

Stress Reduction Tools Bag

The Art of Feng Shui

The Path to Inner Peace

Healthy Idea Seminars Are delivered onsite. PowerPoint presentation and handouts will be sent to site in advance for set-up prior to the facilitator’s arrival. If PowerPoint set-up is not available notify HFC. Seminars are typical 45-minutes in length with 15-minutes for discussion / Q&A. Most seminars can be made available as a WebEx for employees off-site