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    Biometric Screening (TC/HDL/LDL/Triglycerides/Glucose (finger stick blood test) /Blood Pressure/BMI/Height/Weight/Waist Circumference)

    Combined Screening – Biometrics for the detection of Heart Disease / Diabetes / High Blood Pressure Risk
    Fasting Preferred

    Biometrics (TC/HDL/Glucose/ (finger stick blood test) / Blood Pressure/BMI/Height/Weight/Waist Circumference)

    Combined Screening – Biometrics for the detection of Heart Disease / Diabetes / High Blood Pressure Risk

    COVID Shots/Boosters

    Flu Shots

    20-minimum - May be covered through insurance

    Special Order Flu Shots High-Dose 65 years or older

    20-minimum - May be covered through insurance.

    Pneumonia Shots

    Can be combined with flu shot event. Not an annual vaccine. Depending on risk only 1 to 2 given in one's lifetime

    A1C - Diabetes Prevention & Management

    Diabetes Detection - Must be offered with Biometric or Glucose Screening

    TB Screening

    25-minimum - Requires 2 visits (initial visit and follow-up 48 to 72 hours later for results.


    Cooking Classes

    Interactive food preparation class, open forum with a Registered Dietitian
    Featured Topics:
    BBQ Sides, Sauces and Main Courses
    Build a Whole Foods Pantry and Cook for Wellness
    Build a Better Breakfast
    Everyday Eats for Healthful Family Meal Planning
    Global Cuisines Made Healthy
    Gluten Free Cooking
    Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! Seasonal Desserts
    Mediterranean Destination
    Quick, Easy, Fresh: Meals in Minutes (for Holidays or every day!)
    Shake it Up: Blend your Nutrients for Optimal Health


    CPR - AED - First Aid Training Automated External Defibrillator Purchase

    Elevate almost any seminar to a Snack ‘n Chat session. 30-minute PowerPoint on chosen topic followed by Q & A during snack prep and tasting.

    Healthy Idea Seminars

    HFC’s Healthy Idea Seminars are designed to educate and motivate positive behavior change. Over 100 topics to choose from. Request Seminar Guide below.

    Walk, Workout & Win

    Bring all office together with this customizable online forum for a fun, healthy challenge where employees capture their physical efforts and are rewarded for staying active. Create team or individual challenges.


    Reduce Stress • Enhance Flexibility • Improve Strength Onsite yoga classes can be taught from a chair or floor.


    Chair Massage

    Massage therapy treatments have a therapeutic affect by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic (immune) systems.

    De-Stress-at-Your-Desk or Meditation

    Can be offered alone or in Health Fair - This interactive class teaches participants easy stretches and movements in conjunction with breath work to relieve areas of tension and stress

    Meditation Demo

    Trained facilitators lead participants through different forms of meditation in 15 – 20 minute sessions throughout the health fair event.


    Reflexology is a wonderfully simple form of natural, complimentary, and holistic healing.

    Voyager Relaxation

    The Voyager Relaxation Units deliver light and sound (through headphones and glasses) select a program to relax and recharge or energize and revitalize.

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