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Stress Reduction


This interactive station allows participants to experience the relaxing powers of essential oils and learn of the many medicinal properties they have. Optional add-on: participants can make a personal aromatherapy sachet to take away.

Chair Massage

Massage therapy treatments have a therapeutic affect by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic (immune) systems. Chair massage focuses on back, neck and arms. 5 – 10 minute massages provide a stress reducing experience. Fully insured licensed therapists are utilized.

De-Stress-at-Your-Desk Demos

This interactive class teaches participants easy stretches and movements in conjunction with breath work to relieve areas of tension and stress. Done as 15-minute break out demos in a health fair setting.

Meditation Demos

The practice of meditation has been proven to alleviate the effects of stress. Trained facilitators lead participants through different forms of meditation in 15 – 20 minute sessions throughout the health fair event.

Ongoing Meditation Classes

To see lasting changes within the brain and body one must practice mediation on a regular basis. Science has supported a minimum of once per week for 8-weeks is effective in creating lasting change. Weekly sessions are broken up into two 30-minute sessions to accommodate more participants


Reflexology is a wonderfully simple form of natural, complimentary, and holistic healing. It is the use of special pressure point techniques to break up and remove blockages in the body and restore proper circulation and nerve impulse flow. Participant can elect to have the therapist focus on feet or hands and forearms. Multiple therapists are typically needed since each session will last a minimum of 10 – 12 minutes.

Voyager Relaxation Station

The Voyager Relaxation Units deliver light and sound (through headphones and glasses) that has been shown to induce a deep state of relaxation in a short period of time. Five units are provided to accommodate 5 participants every 10-minutes (up to 30 per hour).