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Vaccine Services

Vaccine costs may be covered through employees primary health insurance plan. At this time, HFC participates with the following providers, Aetna, CareConnect, Medicare NY (Primary Part B), MVP, Oxford & UnitedHealthcare (UHC).

Flu Shot Options

Trivalent – Contains 3-virus strains

Trivalent Preservative-Free – Required for pregnant or nursing mothers and those allergic to Thimerosal (request at time of ordering)

Quadrivalent Preservative-Free- Contains 4-virus strains (Special Order, request at time of ordering)

High Dose Serum – For individuals 65 years and older (Special Order)

Pneumonia Shot

Not an Annual Vaccine:

PPSV23 is not an annual vaccine. Most people only need one dose of the pneumonia vaccine. In some cases a second dose may be given after the age of 65.Pneumococcal poly saccharide vaccine (PPSV23) protects against 23 types of pneumococcal bacteria and is recommended for:

  • All adults 65 years of age and older.
  • Anyone 2 through 64 years of age with certain long-term health problems
  • Anyone 2 through 64 with a weakened immune system.
  • Adults 19 through 64 who smoke cigarettes or have asthma.

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

Tuberculosis Screening is not a vaccine and is not reimbursed by insurance (as an onsite service). This is a screening to detect presence of TB bacterium. Testing consists of an injection of serum in forearm with a return visit 48 hours later to measure results.