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About Health Fitness Concepts RN

Kathy Freeman, President, Health Fitness Concepts RN

Kathy Freeman,
Health Fitness Concepts RN

Health & Fitness Concepts, Inc. (HFC) provides health screening and lifestyle education programs through its team of health professionals (registered nurses, registered dietitians, licensed professionals etc.) to individuals through employers and community organizations. Dedicated to helping individuals improve their overall health and prevent disease, HFC has serves hundreds of companies, orchestrating over 1,000 events, screening, educating and inoculating over 50,000 people annually.

Founded, owned and operated by Kathy Freeman a registered nurse, HFC is a minority woman-owned business in the state of New York that has been providing wellness services since 1985. HFC has maintained its position in the wellness industry through its flexibility in program design and delivery, commitment to quality and ability to cater to both large and small employers.

HFC is aligned with innovators in the wellness industry to provide comprehensive, creative solutions to empower individuals to take charge of their health and allow employers to reap the benefits of a healthy, productive workforce. The key is screening, proactive monitoring, and encouraging participation in wellness and prevention programs through incentives and comprehensive program management. HFC offers the perfect blend of technology without losing site of the impact of face-to-face coaching and health education.

“Many of today’s wellness companies rely heavily on technology as their primary method of content delivery and engagement of their audience. While technology is essential to track utilization, provide easy access to educational programs and to keep the offerings fresh, ‘boots on the ground’ is where the magic happens. Personal, ongoing interaction with health professionals remains the cornerstone of HFC offerings.” This winning formula has earned HFC the loyalty and continued support of one of the leading health care providers in America and hundreds of corporate clients.